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Goodtimer Help Center

Goodtimer vs. Goodtimer 2

What’s the difference between Goodtimer and Goodtimer 2?

Troubleshooting my Goodtimer

My Goodtimer won’t light up or is making a loud chiming noise when it's plugged in?

My Goodtimer doesn’t pause or unpause when flipped?

Can I clean the inside of the token dispenser on my Goodtimer?

Using my Goodtimer

Do I need a Goodtimer for each child in my family?

What is the recommended age for Goodtimer?

What do the levels do?

How many tokens will my child earn in a day?

How does travel mode work?

If you turn over Goodtimer does it reset the Good Time earned so far?

What is Goodtimer’s battery life?

Does it need to be plugged in all the time?

What are the long, different colored stickers for?

What are the round “5” and “10” stickers for?

Will Goodtimer break if my kids are too rough with it?

What are some examples of Family House Rules?

What are some Token Exchange ideas?

How do we travel with Goodtimer?

Addressing Specific Behaviors

What do I do if my child isn’t following the rules?

What is the best thing to say when we need to turn the goodtimer over?

Should I pause Goodtimer or should my child do it?

How long should I turn Goodtimer over when my child breaks a house rule?

How does Goodtimer teach the importance of doing something not because you will get something in return?

How is flipping the Goodtimer over during negative behavior different from a time out?

My child doesn’t care about flipping over his Goodtimer. How do I get them to stay motivated?

What happens if power struggles occur with my child?

My kid freaks out when he has to turn Goodtimer over, why?

Should you take away tokens they have earned as a punishment?

What stops kids from taking unearned tokens?

When the kids go to bed, do they flip it over and pause time or power it down?

Should I pause Goodtimer when my kids are in school/daycare?

How can I keep my kid in bed longer in the AM?

How can we use Goodtimer to encourage healthy eating habits?

I have a very Angry Child? How can I use Goodtimer to address that?

Will this work for my kid with special needs like ASD/Autism?

Will this work for my child who has ADHD?

How can I use this to stop tantrums?

How can I use this to get my kid to clean their room?

How do I use Goodtimer to discourage swearing?

How do you handle tattling on siblings for breaking house rules?


Do you ship Goodtimers internationally?

Can Goodtimers be sent to APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

What is Goodtimer's return policy?

What is the warranty on a Goodtimer?