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What if there was a fun, educational toy that helped your child form healthy habits without all the nagging, yelling, and punishments?

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  • “My 7-year-old has been so much better behaved since getting her Goodtimer. This was the best money I've spent!”


  • “I have Goodtimer for the girls, and I swear by it. Goodtimer is amazing and I am so happy with their progress since we began using it.”


  • “I love not dealing with constant battles thank you so much for making this little device”


  • “I bought Goodtimer for my kids for Christmas, and it was the best gift ever. Their behavior has never been better and our relationship has never been better. I am beyond happy with this product and these results.”


  • “I've witnessed significant improvement in my child's behavior. Kudos for a great product! I would recommend this device for anyone with a strong-willed child."


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Goodtimer received the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Grant, Mom's Choice Seal of Approval, The Family Choice Award, the Tillywig Parent's Favorite Product Award, and is Creative Child Magazine's 2020 Product of the Year!

An award-winning educational toy

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Visit the Goodtimer Resource page for frequently asked questions, instructional videos, worksheets and other positive parenting resources

Watch the Goodtimer Unboxing Video to learn more about how it works!

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Why did you create Goodtimer?

Goodtimer is a family-owned small business created by parents for parents to help kids learn healthy habits that last. We believe that better behavior and impactful parenting are possible without sacrificing established boundaries or a peaceful home. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our story.