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Goodtimer is an award-winning educational toy that encourages kids (ages 2-12) to learn healthy habits using positive reinforcement, tangible incentives, and family participation.  Kids love Goodtimer’s soothing glow, token incentives, and encouraging voice, with game-style functionality that’s simple enough for toddlers to understand. The result is one easy-to-use educational toy that provides children with a consistent framework for success. 

Each Goodtimer includes a children’s book that tells its charming back story, explains how it works, and most importantly, gives the whole family the tools they need to help children succeed at making good choices. While reading the book, your family will establish your house rules, ensuring everyone is on the same page and is working together to earn ‘Good Time’.

When your child is following your house rules, their Goodtimer is right-side-up and they’re earning ‘Good Time’ It’s that simple! As long as they’re behaving, Goodtimer's soothing green glow and encouraging voice encourage them to continue to make good choices. Goodtimer displays your child’s performance by illuminating twelve glowing segments one by one. As your child continues, more segments are filled with green lights, demonstrating their progress in a way that’s simple enough for a toddler to understand. 

When all glowing segments are illuminated, they'll earn a Goodtimer token and may collect it from the integrated token dispenser. Unlike some other reward systems that reward individual good deeds, Goodtimer tokens must be earned for consistent behavior over time. The Goodtimer tokens can be saved and exchanged for additional incentives decided by your family

If your child breaks a house rule, simply instruct them to flip their Goodtimer over, pausing Good Time until they make it right. Unlike timeouts that punish bad behavior, this proven Time-In approach allows your family to come together to teach your child to make choices that are consistent with the house rules.  Then, once your child makes amends for their choices, they can flip their Goodtimer right-side-up again and resume earning ‘Good Time’.  This simple yet effective positive discipline approach has been proven to help children learn healthy habits in a way that brings the whole family closer together. 

Each Goodtimer also includes 32 reusable tokens, a plush token pouch, a decorative sticker sheet so your child can customize their Goodtimer, a charging adapter, exclusive access to positive parenting resources, and 24/7 support from positive parenting experts.

Product Features

  • Interactive positive reinforcement educational toy with engaging lights, encouraging sounds, and tangible incentives that motivate kids to make good choices on their own
  • Toddler-tough, Impact-resistant body
  • Dim brightness with easy-to-use touch controls
  • Rechargeable battery with up to 5 days between charges
  • Adjust Good Time earned with 10 pre-set difficulty settings
  • Set device to Travel Mode to earn Good Time on-the-go
  • Adjust and mute the stereo speaker with push-button volume controls
  • Integrated token dispenser with a 16-token capacity
  • 32 reusable tokens
  • Plush token pouch
  • Instructional children's book with 'house rules' and token worksheets
  • Decorative sticker sheet to customize your Goodtimer and tokens
  • 5V AC/DC charging adaptor
  • Exclusive access to positive parenting resources
  • 24/7 customer service support from positive parenting experts
  • U.S. Pat. No. 10,482,780