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House Rules

  • Cultivating Healthier Screen Time Habits for Kids

    Creating and enforcing rules to limit kids' screen time serves to enrich screen time benefits and mitigate screen time risks. The content children absorb from screens - as well as how often they are absorbing that content - has a significant influence on their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Since most parents want (at least some) say over who their children are becoming, and with consideration for research showing excessive media exposure can negatively impact children’s developmental trajectories, here is a guide to help parents effectively manage the relationship between their beloved children and their children's beloved screens.

  • Building Empathy in Young Children with Aggressive Behaviors

    Aggressive outbursts in young children are extremely common since they lack the skill set to regulate their emotions effectively. When parents can meet their young children’s aggression with patience, understanding, and empathy, they are communicating the social and biological reality that children - and their behavior - are works in progress, and that the adult is there to help them on this journey. Modeling empathy and encouraging its practice with praise and reinforcement builds harmony in the home, benefiting children and parents alike.