Goodtimer Token Pack (extra / replacement)

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  • $19.95
- $5.00


Did you lose your Goodtimer tokens or are your kids just saving up for a big incentive?  Due to popular demand, we're pleased to offer Goodtimer Token packs to refill and expand your family's Goodtimer token bank.  Each pack contains 32 official Goodtimer tokens and a sticker sheet that will allow you to expand the value of your tokens from 1-token to 5-tokens or 10-tokens. The Goodtimer token pack also includes four, orange stickers that are blank, allowing you to use a permanent marker and fill in whatever value your family chooses.  Will your family make a token worth 25, 50 or 100?  What about a mystery token worth any item on your child's token worksheet? Get creative with your kids and watch them have fun earning, saving and spending Goodtimer tokens.

Product Features

  • 32 Goodtimer Tokens with 1-token values
  • Sticker sheet including:
    • 4, 5-token stickers
    • 4, 10-token stickers
    • 4, fill-in-the-blank stickers