The Best Tips for Back-to-School Success

Written by Maggie Cerria

Reviewed by Ali Kresch Levine, PsyD

Ready for the kids to go back to school?  While some parents are eager for the new school year to start, the pandemic has left some of us a little weary to send our kids back into the classroom. Have no fear! Whether your kids are continuing with virtual instruction or heading back to the school building, there are some simple tips you can take to ensure the kids get off on the right foot this school year!

Encourage Safety - Safety is always a MUST, and all kids need to make sure they follow the safety protocols that are set forth by the CDC and their local school systems.  If masks are required in class, be sure to pack a few extra in case their mask gets dirty during the school day.  Having a personal hand sanitizer readily available, (think of adding one to their lunchbox to use before they eat) is important to keep the germs from spreading.  Encouraging great handwashing with soap and water is another way to help stop the spread of germs.  

Set a schedule for a consistent routine - It’s always helpful to be on the same page as a family when it comes to back-to-school routines.  Sitting down as a family and discussing the routines ahead of time to help ensure everyone understands the plan will benefit everyone at home.  Share the plans for wake-up times, bus schedules, lunch box preparation, and school supply organization to help avoid the back-to-school stress!  

Provide a clean workspace - While many of our kids spent last year e-learning, we had to scramble to find study stations for them while they worked remotely.  Whether your kids worked at a desk, kitchen counter, or dining room table, you’ll want to encourage them to set up their station with all of the supplies they need to be successful this year if they will continue to learn virtually. If your kids are headed back into the school, don’t put their study spaces away just yet!  They will still need a quiet and clean place to get their homework done to inspire their success this school year.

Encourage kids to keep at it - This year sure hasn't been easy for any of us.  Kids all over the world have had to overcome many obstacles as we face this pandemic together. Goodtimer is a positive parenting tool that can help encourage kids to keep at it this school year when they stick to the schedule, stay safe, and try their best.  With Goodtimer’s patented technology as a constant glowing reminder to follow the household expectations, kids will be excited to give it their all, take risks, and most importantly stay safe this school year.

Let this school year be filled with new beginnings and excitement.  Encourage your kids to stick to a school schedule, stay safe, study hard, and try their best this year.  Skip the stress, and follow these simple tips for back-to-school success!

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