TEAM Parenting - A Calmer Way to Work with Your Kids

Have you heard about “TEAM Parenting”? If you’re skeptical that this is just the latest parenting fad, you’d be surprised to read this article published by Time.  In fact, TEAM Parenting isn’t new at all; it’s a method embraced for centuries by families all over the world and until recently, was relatively unknown to the western society.  If you're tired of the constant power struggles and arguments to get your kids to contribute around the house, TEAM parenting might be a good fit for you.  

According to Michaeleen Doucleff, this encouraging method of parenting consists of Four main elements: “Togetherness, Encouragement, Autonomy, and Minimal interference.”  Here are some quick tips to use the TEAM parenting method with Goodtimer to help your family achieve a more peaceful home: 

  • Togetherness - Early and often, invite children to help assist you with household tasks. It allows them to become ‘co-pilots’ while navigating the importance of maintaining a home.
  • Encouragement - Along the way, encourage your kids to make good choices with positive reinforcement. With the help of Goodtimer, this is an effective way to reinforce positive behavior and help children form healthy habits that last. 
  • Autonomy - Inspire children to make decisions for themselves. Our kids are more capable than we know and when they’re faced with a decision, most of the time they’ll choose to make a good choice. For a little extra encouragement, you can use Goodtimer to further encourage them to make good choices. With its soothing glow, encouraging sounds, and tangible tokens, it’s a great way to keep your kids on track.  
  • Minimal Interference -  Ignore undesired behavior when it occurs. When a child has a tantrum, it’s best to take a step back and this is just how Goodtimer works.  When your kids misbehave rather than yelling and punishing them you can simply tell them to flip their Goodtimer over, pausing Good Time until they make amends.  Then step back and wait.  This simple approach allows kids and parents to take a moment and calm down so that parents can teach and children can learn to make better choices in the future. Then once they learn and make amends they can flip their Goodtimer right-side-up and get back to earning Good Time again. 

We hope this article was useful and these tips help you achieve a more peaceful and positive parenting experience.  If you have any questions about TEAM parenting or Goodtimer, please feel free to reach out to our customer experience team at

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