Goodtimer News

  • Our Black Friday Sale started a day early!

    Starting on Thanksgiving, SAVE $30 when you purchase Goodtimer plus get the Goodtimer Activity Pack as a FREE GIFT during our BIGGEST SALE of the year. 
  • Three Tips to Get Kids to Help at Home

    Need help with getting your kids to help out around the house? Learn how you can motivate your family to lend a hand at home with these three simple tips.
  • The BEST Way To Get Your Kids to Listen!

    We all know there is no instruction guide that arrives in our mailbox when we begin raising children. Using positive language to encourage your kids to make great choices while involving them in a fun and engaging game that provides positive reinforcement to motivate them to keep at it can inspire your kids to be awesome listeners!
  • Four Tips to Encourage Better Behavior in the New Year

    After a week of holiday chaos and a disrupted family routine, many families struggle with challenging new behaviors like tattling and temper tantrums.  Come New Years Day, many parents will being making a New Year’s resolution to get their family back on track.  Use Goodtimer to address nearly any behavior your child is learning.  From picky eaters to bedtime battles, Goodtimer will encourage a child to make good choices all day long.  It’s a New Year and a perfect time to start some healthy, lasting habits with Goodtimer.

  • Product update: Now earn tokens faster!

    Our team strives to connect with Goodtimer families to understand how they’re using Goodtimer so that we can make it an even better solution for families.  We took your feedback to heart, and effective December 1st, all new Goodtimers will include a software update allowing kids to earn one token in just three hours, two and have times faster than before.