Goodtimer News

  • 5 Tips to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

    Summertime is here once again! If your family wants to encourage your kids to keep their skills sharp this summer, set a summer schedule, play games, cook, and add some daily reading time to help to set your family up for success to skip the summer slide!
  • The 5 Best Tips While Traveling with Kids

    Learn about these 5 easy tips to help encourage great behavior and ease the stress as you connect as a family with your kids while vacationing out whether it’s near or far.
  • The 5 BEST Tips For Kids’ Activity Schedules

    Don’t let the stress of kid’s activities cause tension at home. Try these 5 simple steps to help create a peaceful and organized schedule for your kid’s activities.
  • TEAM Parenting - A Calmer Way to Work with Your Kids

    TEAM parenting encompasses "togetherness, encouragement, autonomy, and minimal interference." Goodtimer embodies many of these values, and this approach is not only consistent with science, it is in alignment with the key principles of positive parenting as well. 
  • Need more tokens for your Goodtimer?

    Due to popular demand, we're now pleased to offer Goodtimer Token packs to refill your family's token bank. Each pack contains 32 tokens and a sticker sheet that will allow you to expand the value of your tokens.  The token pack also includes four, special orange stickers that allow you to fill in whatever value your family chooses. Get creative with your kids while they have fun earning, saving, and spending their Goodtimer tokens.
  • Start the new year off right with Goodtimer

    It’s a new year and a perfect time to start some healthy habits with Goodtimer. Follow these simple steps to make your home more peaceful while helping your family form healthy habits that last all year long.

  • Time Outs: Why they don't work and 10 alternatives that do!

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    Headline: Time Outs: Why They Don’t Work & 10 Alternatives That Do

    For many parents, although time out is a typical go-to solution, it’s far from the only option when it comes to disciplining our children.

    This list of 10 time out alternatives is a helpful addition to your parenting tool belt. When you are dealing with challenging behavior, now you have a resource to call back to - a list you can save and refer to again and again.