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  • Start the new year off right with Goodtimer

    It’s a new year and a perfect time to start some healthy habits with Goodtimer. Follow these simple steps to make your home more peaceful while helping your family form healthy habits that last all year long.

  • A Goodtimer Message of Thanks

    We have so much to be thankful for this year and we wanted to take a moment to send our deepest appreciation to all of the families who have supported us by welcoming Goodtimer into their homes.
  • Time Outs: Why they don't work and 10 alternatives that do!

    Focus Keyword: Time Out
    Headline: Time Outs: Why They Don’t Work & 10 Alternatives That Do

    For many parents, although time out is a typical go-to solution, it’s far from the only option when it comes to disciplining our children.

    This list of 10 time out alternatives is a helpful addition to your parenting tool belt. When you are dealing with challenging behavior, now you have a resource to call back to - a list you can save and refer to again and again.